About us

Welcome to The Cool Puppies World!

Meet the Paw-mily 

Imagine the most beautiful things that comfort you.  

The children’s warm and pure laughter, 

Your pet’s protective bark (sometimes even at the mirror), 

Wet butterfly kisses in the morning, 

Late-night cuddles, 

And wagging tails all-day long. 


These are the memories that we want to recall with Cool Puppies World formerly Moms Kids and Beagle Tees. The question is: which among the descriptions refer to your kid and which one is for your fur-baby? It’s really hard to distinguish between the two sometimes, especially when they both growl for their favorite snack. Just kidding. 


But we are not kidding about how we want to preserve wholesome experiences for the wonderful parents and their beloved paw-milies. This is not just a business; this is a journey. 


Cool Puppies World (MKB) is a vision painted to life by the Nelson family from Michigan, USA. Although four of the six kids are adults now, they say we are never too old to showcase our shared love for puppies and children through witty, thought-provoking shirts! 


Even though dogs age fast, the giggles and fuzzy feeling they give are timeless. We can still remember the day we lost our dearest “Dilaw,” short for “Malaki Dilaw Aso” in Filipino or big yellow dog in English. Dilaw was our Labrador that passed in 2019. With broken hearts, we picked ourselves up to honor him by establishing Cool Puppies World (MKB).  


If you are wondering why Beagle and not Labrador, the answer is simple: we found out that there are many Beagle moms out there who are yet to be represented. Plus, we love Snoopy from the Peanuts gang! Who does not love that cute little one, right? And yes, it might not be obvious, but Snoopy was a beagle! 


Nevertheless, our shirts are for everyone! We are sure that Dilaw would have loved to know that fellow fur parents of all breeds will feel completely welcome in the community! 


Our products have been meticulously crafted and curated for all first-fur parents to manifest our core values of love, joy, diligence, and generosity.  


A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Joy Baptist Church (Westland) Missionary fund. This is our way of giving back after having colorful lives with the most amazing kids and puppies. 


Thank you, fur-riends, for taking part. We appreciate you.

If you have some questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via the contact page. We will get back to you ASAP.

From our creative hearts to yours, 

The Nelson Family and

Cool Puppies World team